Air to Air with History in Madras – Part 1

It all began when I received a ping on Facebook from my good friend and an awesome photographer, Jose “Fuji” Ramos of an air2air workshop called MadrasAirX happening in Madras (pronounced Mad as in mad, and Ras as in Russell) in Oregon. It was being organized in partnership with Erickson Aircraft Collection. The Erickson Aircraft Collection [...]

Air-2-Air with the Zero Replica and Corsair

It was December 2013 and I was almost in the hangover of my previous outing with the 3G Aviation Media’s workshop with the Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force at Peachtree City near Atlanta. I was chatting with Moreno “Mo” Agiuari and a wild idea came to mind and without thinking I asked him [...]

2013: Year in Review

Hi folks – everyone is winding down – at work, and other places – taking it slow. There are still some few days to go before we look ahead in to the future – towards another year. I am taking a step back and looking back at this year. Some of the moments and experiences [...]

The Ghost Squadron

It all started with José “Fuji” Ramos – a great photographer I “met” over Facebook – announcing of a photo workshop where he was going to be a guest speaker. It was the workshop run by the 3G Aviation Media at the Commemorative Air Force’s Dixie Wing, at Peachtree City in Atlanta. He would be [...]

Miami Vice

Work took me to Miami. Well that is South Beach and partying for some of the “normal” folks – uh-uh for me as usual, I was checking up some good locations in and around Miami (MIA) airport. Found a couple of spots and then kind of hit jackpot. I had the Hilton Miami Airport to [...]

India Foxtrot Charlie 2113 Heavy

That was the C-17 Globemaster’s callsign as it taxied out of Boeing’s C-17 plant and took off from Long Beach Airport, California on June 23rd on its way to Air Force Station Hindon, India. I had missed the first C-17 Globemaster delivery to the Indian Air Force that took place in June. I was determined [...]

Visiting History at Luftwaffen Museum at Berlin-Gatow

Work took me to Berlin for 2-3 days. And as always, the single track mind I have – I wanted to visit something that flew and take some pictures    I reached out to some of my friends – Hans, Kevin, Rami, Tom, and Mark – who live across the “Pond” or have taken many [...]

Iron Fist: Its All About People

As we all saw in the previous blog entries – the whole “shock and awe” effect – the bomb drops on targets during the day, the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) and Suppression of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD) operations at dusk, and the capability to relentlessly continue the attack on in to the night – [...]

The Flying Rifles

I was spellbound – and I mean with all my sincerity. My senses were intent only on watching – I did not even position the camera although it was hanging of off my neck – I think mesmerized is the correct word. The sight of men, with their rifles and the precision and control that [...]

Here Comes The BOOM ......

Here Comes The BOOM ……

How does it feel to be in the midst of jet noise, and explosions from bombs, rockets; the whole thing lit up by flares?? Well ……definitely I was not in the midst of an air strike in a war somewhere – but it was just awesome to see all the action happening all around. It [...]