Hello there, folks. Welcome.

From a kid being amazed by Messerschmitts, Focke Wolfes, Hurricane, Spitfires, Mustangs; to reading about modern aircraft systems and armament; to snapping away at fast moving aircraft doing aerobatics and formation flying – Its been a fascinating journey. It is an amazing sight to see these machines “kick the tires, and light the fires”, and “turn and burn” in the sky. Since I remember, I have always been fascinated by powered flight. Over the years, I got the chance to travel around attending airshows at various places, like in and around the US – from California to Virginia; Canada, Belgium, South Africa, to my home country, India.

I also earned the Private Pilot License for Single Engine Land aircraft, in 2005, and fly a Cessna 172. Flying above familiar terrain you drive by;  gives one a totally different perspective of the area one stays in. I click away at various ground structures from up above, whenever I get the chance to do so. Because I spend some time traveling around – I also get the chance to see some of Nature’s own original creations -  capturing mesmerizing colors and scenes which Nature creates, amongst us.

I love being around airplanes – its a treat for all the senses – hear the roar and thunder of engines, smell the aviation fuel, see the blazing speeds at which the machines go – and its a great experience to share with similar enthusiastic folks.

This is my meager contribution at capturing the diversity of Nature and Man.