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Here Comes The BOOM ......

Here Comes The BOOM ……

How does it feel to be in the midst of jet noise, and explosions from bombs, rockets; the whole thing lit up by flares?? Well ……definitely I was not in the midst of an air strike in a war somewhere – but it was just awesome to see all the action happening all around. It [...]

My African Safari

My African Safari

It was a business trip that brought me down to South Africa. I had met John Miller, a well-known aviation photographer and writer, in the Air2Air Academy in Belgium, last year. So when the trip was in the offing I reached out to John. Once the plans firmed up and if it fit the schedule [...]

Welcome to my “New” World!!

Hi there folks – Yeah I know – its as if I have been in hibernation as far as the blog goes. Given the limitations of the software for my previous website I was exploring new ways to come up with something cool that will have a “in your face” impact to the viewer. After [...]